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A remarkably simple and radically secure networking solution, putting you in complete control of your connected infrastructure.

Learn how to get started with HIPnet, a simple and intuitive way to build your own network with a private overlay service.
HIPnet is a simple, fast, and secure way to connect all your things, anywhere. Four easy steps will get your private overlay up and running in five minutes.
The installation of a HIPclient or HIPserver is fast and simple. If you require any help with the installation, you can find instructions here.
Now that you are familiar with how to add, remove, and manage devices, you can start thinking about to use HIPnet
The dashboard is a web-based user interface you can use to manage your HIPnet network and connected devices.
Our HIPclient for Android and iOS have some unique features you can take advantage of during your free trial period.
Get answers to some of the most common issues you may encounter when using the HIPnet service.
Learn about how HIPnet works, the underlying technology, and how our products can help you eliminate network complexity, increase device mobility, decrease the cost of your network infrastructure.