Install the Conductor Image

  1. On the product page, click LAUNCH ON COMPUTE ENGINE.
  2. The Conductor deployment uses a template so most settings you can leave as is, however you may want to make the following changes:
    1. Deployment name: Enter a name for your Conductor.
    2. Zone: Select a zone from the drop-down. The zone determines what computing resources are available and where your data is stored and used.
    3. Machine type: Leave as is. Machine type determines the amount of memory, virtual cores, and persistent disk limits for the Conductor. The default settings are required for the Conductor to function correctly.
    4. Data Disk: Leave the Data disk type and Data disk size in GB fields as is.
    5. Networking: Leave the Network, Subnetwork, External IP, Firewall, and IP forwarding fields as is.
      Note: Some fields may be hidden based on your screen size. To view these fields, click More just above the Deploy button.
  3. Click Deploy.