Manage Versions of Airwall Agents and Servers

As an administrator of an Airwall secure network, you can manage which versions of software the Airwall Agents and Servers accessing your secure network use.

You do this by setting the version of Airwall Agents and Servers offered for people to install.
Important: This feature is deprecated in v3.1.1 and will be obsolete in v3.2.

To set versions of Airwall Agents and Servers offered:

  1. Log in to the Conductor with a system administrator account.
  2. Go to Settings, Advanced.
  3. Under Global Airwall Agent Settings, select Edit Settings.
  4. Under Preferred Airwall agent version, select the version you prefer.
The version you selected is now automatically provided to people when you onboard them using Airwall Invitations, Activation codes, or People Groups.