2.1.7 firmware and software

Please follow the links below to download version 2.1.7 firmware:

Conductor firmware

Link Applies To File Name
Download Conductor (All Platforms, Azure see below) Conductor_r2.1.7-1308_package

HIPswitch firmware

Link Applies To File Name
Download HIPswitch mvebu64 (All 75-series HIPswitches) HIPswitch-mvebu64_r2.1.7-628_package
Download HIPswitch ramips (100g and 100e HIPswitches) HIPswitch-ramips_r2.1.7-1095_package
Download HIPswitch mvebu (All 150-series and 250-series HIPswitches) HIPswitch-mvebu_r2.1.7-1250_package
Download HIPswitch x86_64 (100rc, all 300-series, 400-series, and 500-series HIPswitches) HIPswitch-x86_64_r2.1.7-1512_package
Download HIPswitch x86_64 OVA (ESXi) HIPswitch-x86_64_r2.1.7-1523-combined-ext4.ova
Download HIPswitch x86_64 VHD (Hyper-V) HIPswitch-x86_64_r2.1.7-1523-combined-ext4.vhdx


Note: In this maintainence release, our HIP clients and HIP servers remain unchanged from version 2.1.6.
Link Applies To File Name
Download HIPclient (Windows, 32-bit) HIPclient32_2.1.6.326_20190222_Installer.exe
Download HIPclient (Windows, 64-bit) HIPclient64_2.1.6.636_20190222_Installer.exe
Download HIPserver (Windows, 32-bit) HIPserver32_2.1.6.250_20190301_Installer.exe
Download HIPserver (Windows, 64-bit) HIPserver64_2.1.6.804_20190301_Installer.exe
Download HIPclient (OSX, macOS) HIPclient_2.1.6.1209.pkg
Download HIPserver (Linux/Ubuntu) hipserver_2.1.6-1007_amd64.deb
Download HIPserver (Linux/CentOS) hipserver-2.1.6-805.el7.x86_64.rpm

Cellular Modem Firmware Upgrades

Link Applies To File Name
Download HIPswitch-150_cellfw-12ddb86-r12_package
Download HIPswitch-250_cellfw-12ddb86-r2_package
Download HIPswitch-250_cellfw-12ddb86-r1_package

Windows Serial Port Drivers

Link Applies To File Name
Download HIPswitch 150 (Windows, 32-bit) HIPswitch150Driver_x86.msi
Download HIPswitch 150 (Windows, 64-bit) HIPswitch150Driver_x64.msi