Conductor Icon Reference

A reference for the icons you will see used in the Conductor.

Type Icon Meaning
Refresh icon Refresh
Edit icon Edit
Delete icon Delete
Pin to top bar icon, Pinned icon Click to Pin to top bar, Pinned to top bar. Click to unpin.
Bypass destination icon Bypass destination
Dashboard System Control Panel icon System
Dashboard Airwall Control Panel icon Airwalls
Dashboard Overlays Control Panel icon Overlays
Dashboard Devices Control Panel icon Devices
People group icon People group
Authenticated User icon Authenticated user
Has an Activation code icon Has an unused activation code. If grayed out, activation code has expired.

People status last 24 hrs login icon

People status last week login icon

People status longer than a week since last login icon

People status never login icon

People statuses

Last 24 hrs

Last week

Longer than a week


Agents & Servers
Android Airwall Agent icon Android Airwall Agent
macOS Airwall Agent icon macOS or iOS Airwall Agent
Windows Airwall Agent icon Windows Airwall Agent
Airwall server icon Airwall server
Disable network communications icon Disable network communications disabled
Enable network communications icon Enable network communications
Enable transparent mode icon Enable transparent mode
Enable protected mode icon Enable protected mode
Device status icons Device statuses (on Overlay page)
Airwall icon Airwall
Cloud Airwall icon Cloud Airwall - the overlayed icon indicates which type. In this case, AWS (Amazon Web Services).
Airwall group icon Airwall or Device group
Ethernet Airwall icon Ethernet Airwall
Cellular Airwall icon Cellular Airwall
Wifi Airwall icon Wifi Airwall
Unmanaged Airwall icon Unmanaged
Airwall not authenticated icon Not authenticated
Offline Airwall icon Offline
Revoked Airwall icon Revoked
Type of server or airwall overlay images Icons superimposed on other icons to indicate which type of server, virtual, or cloud Airwall: Rackspace, VMware, Openstack, AWS, Azure, HyperV, Xen, Google, Alibaba Cloud
Mac Lockdown icon Mac Lockdown
Devices and Device Groups
Device icon Device
Discovered device icon Discovered device (not yet accepted)
Device group icon Device or Airwall group
Smart Device Group icon Smart device group
Smart device group needs recomputing icon Recompute disabled on this Smart Device Group, and there are devices that would be in this group. Click the action menu to recompute the devices added using the rules.
Alerts and monitoring Disabled alert icon Disabled on alert line
Disable alert menu icon Disabled on menu
Alerts icon Alerts
Event Monitors icon Event Monitors
Tags icon Tags
Settings icon Conductor Settings
User profile icon User Profile
Download icon Download
Install icon Install
License provisioning request icon Licensing Provisioning Request