Deploy an Airwall secure network

Deploy, Install, Configure, License

Building an Airwall Solution requires a minimum of three components: An Airwall Conductor and two or more Airwall Edge Services with devices attached behind them. You can manage these Airwall Edge Services and their attached devices from the Conductor dashboard. The Airwall Edge Services create a zero-trust virtual protected network. The Conductor acts as a centralized management dashboard for the network, pushing policy and trust information to the Airwall Edge Services. Every Airwall Edge Service within the protected network knows the network layer and state of its peers, and every peer maintains Identity-Based Routing (IDR) tables.

A typical deployment requires the following steps:

Note: If you are installing a physical Conductor or Airwall Edge Service, make sure you are familiar with your model, including the variety of power options and physical installation steps before you begin your deployment. Refer to the Platform or Install Guide included with your hardware.
Tip: For additional information about the Airwall Solution, see the What makes up an Airwall secure network? in the Get Started with the Airwall Solution section.