Connect to Airwall

Connect your cellphone, mobile device, laptop, or server to an Airwall secure network to get access to the protected things you need to do your work. All it takes is installing the Airwall Agent or Server for your device, and then linking it to the Conductor that controls who can see those protected things on that Airwall secure network.

Before you can connect, on the device you will use to connect, you need to:
  • Install an Airwall Agent or Server on your device (laptop, tablet, or cellphone)
  • Create a profile for the network you want to connect to. If you are using Airwall Invitations or Activation codes, this profile is created for you.
If you are not configuring the profile with Airwall Invitations or Activation codes, you also need to have the Conductor administrator provision and manage your Airwall Agent or Server before you can connect.
Note: If you only have one profile, when you start the Airwall Agent or Server, it automatically connects with that profile.