How to get support

You can often find answers to your questions in Airwall help, or by logging in to your Support account and searching the knowledge base articles. If you still cannot find what you are looking for, you can contact support for help.

Note: You must have a current support contract with Tempered to open a support ticket.

There are several ways to contact support.

Open a case on the Tempered Support Web Portal

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in using your support account log in.
  3. Click + or New.
  4. Fill in the name and contact information.
  5. Provide the Information to Include listed below.
  6. Attach the support bundle from the affected devices.
  7. For network issues, attach a packet capture.

Contact Tempered Support via email

  1. Send an email message to Customer Success.
  2. Provide the Information to Include listed below.
  3. Attach your support bundle to the email.
  4. For network issues, attach a packet capture.

Information to Include

Provide the following information when you open a case with Tempered Support:

  • A full description of the issue, including the following details:
    • The symptoms of the issue, including a brief description of all systems applicable to the configuration.
    • The approximate time the issue first occurred.
    • The number of times the issue has recurred.
    • Any error output provided by the system.
    • Steps to reproduce the issue.
    • Any changes you made to the system close to when the issue first occurred.
    • Any steps you've taken to resolve the issue.
    • Whether this is a new implementation.
    • How many data centers and devices are applicable to the configuration.
    • Which devices are affected by the issue.
  • A description of the impact the issue is having on your site.
  • Days and times you are available to work on the issue, and any alternative contacts that can work on the issue if you are not available.

Get a Support Bundle

The Support Bundle is the technical information about the device. To best answer support issues, Tempered Support needs the Support Bundle from the Conductor and Support Bundles from any Airwall Gateway, Airwall Agent, and/or Airwall Server that is part of the issue you are reporting. For more assistance, see Create a support bundle for a Conductor.

Get a Packet capture

If the issue involves the network, perform a packet capture while the issue is occurring. Provide this packet capture when you open the case. For more assistance, see Do a packet capture for an Airwall Gateway.