Replace an Airwall Gateway

An Airwall Gateway that is a member of one or more overlay networks can be replaced by an unassigned Airwall Gateway (that is, it is not a member of any overlay network).

System Administrators

Network Administrators with permissions to the Airwall Gateways and Overlays

  1. On the Settings page, go to Licensing tab and grant provisioning requests for the new Airwall Edge Service.
  2. On the Dashboard, or the Airwalls page, find the Airwall Edge Service you want to replace.
  3. Open the drop-down to the right of the Airwall Edge Service you want to replace and select Replace.
  4. In the wizard, select the desired replacement Airwall Edge Service from the list of available replacements and click Next.
    Note: The wizard only lists unassigned Airwall Edge Services. If the replacement is still used in any overlay networks, you need to remove it from all overlay networks before you can select it as a replacement.
  5. If you are replacing an Airwall Gateway, check if your replacement Airwall Gateway meets the requirements to transfer the port configuration:
    • Must be port-compatible with the Airwall Gateway it is replacing. Airwall Gateway are port compatible if they belong to the same model group (300x, 400x, etc.) and the replacement Airwall Gateway has at least as many ports as those in use on the Airwall Gateway being replaced.
    • Must not use any ports in underlay or HA port group configurations that are used in overlay port groups on the Airwall Gateway being replaced.
    • Must use the same number or fewer underlay port groups, and all ports used in those port groups are also used as underlay ports on the Airwall Gateway being replaced.
    • Must be online.
  6. Skip to the last step if:
    • You are not replacing an Airwall Gateway
    • You do not want to replicate the port configuration.
    • Your replacement Airwall Gateway doesn't meet the requirements to replicate the port configuration.
  7. If your replacement Airwall Gateway meets the requirements listed above and you want to replicate the port configuration:
    1. To transfer any static underlay IP configurations to the replacement, check Transfer underlay IP addresses.
    2. If the Airwall Edge Service being replaced uses a public IP, check Transfer public IP addresses to transfer it to the replacement.
    3. Initiate the port configuration transfer by selecting Transfer port configuration. The Conductor applies the new port configuration to the replacement Airwall Gateway.
    4. When you see the confirmation that the transfer completed successfully, select Next.
  8. Select Finish to complete the replacement.

When the replacement is complete, the new Airwall Edge Service is configured with the same overlay network membership, policy configurations, and user-specified information as the replaced Airwall Edge Service. A replacement Airwall Gateway will also have the same port configuration if it met the requirements and you chose to replicate them.