Update Airwall Gateway firmware

Administrators can update the firmware for provisioned and managed Airwall Gateways directly from the Conductor. You cannot update Airwall Gateways in the factory reset state – you must provision and manage them first.

System Administrators – Download and update

Network Administrators with permissions to the Airwall Gateways – Update

You can update firmware on individual Airwall Edge Services or apply updates to groups.

CAUTION: To prevent data loss and potential corruption, it is critical that Airwall Gateways remain powered on during the firmware update process. A loss of power during the firmware update process may leave the Airwall Gateway in a corrupted state.
Note: During the update process, Airwall Gateways go offline for a few minutes as they install the firmware update and then reboot. See the current state of any Airwall Gateway on the Airwall Edge Services page.

You can also manually updateAirwall Gateways not currently connected to a Conductor. For more information, refer to your model's Product Guide.