Run Network Activity Reports

Run reports on different types of activity on your Airwall secure network.

You can create reports for the following network activity:

  • Onboarding and offboarding of Airwall Edge Services or users
  • Status of Airwall Edge Services or devices
  • Conductor local or remote access

List of reports

Note: You can also check the status of an individual. See Check Status of People Onboarding.
  1. To run a report, go to Visibility > Reports.
  2. Select Run Report.
  3. Select the type of report to run, and enter any options.
  4. Select Run.
The report you selected runs and then opens the report results.

View, Download, or Delete a Report

To view, download, or delete a report:
  1. Go to Visibility > Reports.
  2. In the list of Reports, find the report you want, and open the menu (click the down arrow on the right).
  3. Select View, Download, or Delete.
You can also download or delete a report when viewing it.