Import people using a CSV file

Add many local users to the Conductor at one time by importing them in bulk. You export a .csv file as a template or with current users, edit it, and then import it back into the Conductor..

  1. In the Conductor, go to the People page.
  2. Under People, open Other actions.

    People tab showing Import and Export people list options under Other actions

  3. Select Export people list, or Export people template and then confirm the export. You can use either to import people. The people list allows you to see and modify some options for people already in the Conductor.
  4. Edit the .csv file that you downloaded to add people. See Import People .csv File Details for an explanation of the columns. The minimum required columns are username, role, name, email, and active. Leave the password blank to send the person an email with a link to set their password. If you do include passwords, make sure they meet the password criteria. For information on setting password criteria, see Configure Authentication Options.

    Note: For existing people in the .csv file, you can also modify roles, permissions, and most other options. You cannot change passwords or remove people using the .csv.

  5. Back on the People page, open Other actions again.
  6. Select Import people list, select Choose File, and then select the file you edited and select Upload.
  7. If validation fails, correct the file and try again.
  8. Once the import passes validation, review the list of people being added, and select Next and then Commit to add them.
If you need to make any changes once the file is imported, you can edit the .csv and then re-import. Importing a file modifies the account for existing people (exceptions are you cannot change or remove passwords or remove people using import). After a person is added to the Conductor, you must manage passwords individually from each person’s page.

Import People .csv File Details

The import people .csv has the following columns:

Column Description Example
username Required. Enter a unique username.

Cannot update for existing users.

role Required. Person's role in the Conductor. Must be one of:
  • system_admin
  • viewer
  • network_admin
  • remote_user
name Required. Full name, with first name first. Joe Banks
description Optional. Description for the person. Admin for Building 1
email Required. A valid email for the person.
phone1 and phone2 (both optional) Optional. Phone number for the person. +12065551212
active Required. Add the person as an active user. Boolean TRUE or FALSE. In most cases, you want to have this as TRUE. TRUE
password Optional. If you want to set a password for the user, you can enter it here. If you have SMTP set up on your Conductor, you can leave it empty, the Conductor sends an email to the new user asking them to log in and set their password.

Cannot update for existing users.



Optional. Add the person with rights to use the API. Boolean TRUE or FALSE. Only available for system_admin, network_admin, and viewer roles. TRUE
email_alert_level Optional. Enter the Conductor alerts this person should get in email. Must be one of:
  • none
  • info
  • warning
  • error
tags Optional. Apply existing or new tags to people, in the format [“tag1”,“tag2”]. To make no changes, leave blank. To remove all tags, enter an empty array [ ]. See Template Note. ["fte", "engr"]
person_groups Optional. Apply existing or a new set of people groups to people, in the format [“person group name 1”, “person group name 2”]. To make no changes, leave blank. To remove the person from all people groups, enter an empty array [ ]. See Template Note. ["building 2", "2nd floor"]
Template Note: The first row on the people_template.csv that you download has empty arrays for the tags and person_groups columns. These empty arrays will remove the tags and person_groups if you enter an existing person on that line.

When you import your .csv file, the Conductor validates the file and warns you of any detected issues. Edit the .csv to fix any issues and re-import. Once it validates, you can select Commit and the Conductor adds and updates the people on your list.