Connect People's Devices to your Airwall secure network

How to connect cell phones, laptops, and servers to the resources people need access to behind your Airwall secure network.

People connect their devices to your secure network using Airwall software installed on their devices, called Airwall Agents and Servers. There are Airwall Agent or Server software applications for the most common device types.

The easiest way to get your users started is to Set up a People Group and send people an Airwall Invitation or Activation code. You can also Connect People as Remote Access Users. Using these methods automates much of the process for both the people connection and for you, the Conductor administrator.

Here's how it works:

  1. For people who need to connect their devices to your Airwall secure network, you send them Airwall Invitations or Activation Codes. You can send a single invitation or send in bulk, and can choose whether to invite by email or by downloading activation codes to distribute yourself.
  2. For the people you've invited:
    • Via email Airwall Invitations, they open the invitation email and click the link.
    • Via activation codes, they open the link to go to the Connect an Airwall Agent activation page.
  3. They download and install an Airwall Agent or Server onto their device.
  4. Once the Airwall Agent or Server is installed, they click the link in the email or Connect an Airwall Agent page to activate their account.
  5. Once a person activates their account, the Conductor automatically takes care of all the steps to provision, license, manage, and name the new Airwall Agents and Servers.

You can send Airwall Invitations or Activation codes in bulk to entire organizations, and manage the connections and what they have access to in the Conductor.

Help for your users to install the software and connect is here: Connect to Airwall.

If you choose not to use Airwall Invitations or Activation codes, the people connecting need to download and install the software, and then enter the Conductor address manually. You then need to review the provisioning requests, confirm device IDs with each person, and grant access to each person’s Airwall Agent or Server.

If you need to install the software from the Conductor, see Install Airwall Agents and Servers on people's laptops and devices.