Get Started using Conductor Help and Tutorials

The Conductor contains several tutorials to help you set up and configure a new Conductor, as well as use and understand different features in the Conductor.

Open Airwall Help

Airwall Help is always available from the Conductor by going to the question mark in the upper right under the menu pane.

Go to the question mark for online help

Use the Dashboard Setup Progress Bar

If you are a system administrator, when you first sign in to a newly-created Conductor, by default the Dashboard shows a Setup progress bar to walk you through configuring your Conductor. Select a step to get information and assistance completing that step, as well as see your progress or go back and change the configuration.

You can hide the Setup progress bar by clicking the hide icon hide icon - eye with a slash through. You can show it again from your user preferences. For help, see Show or Hide Conductor Setup progress.

Start a Tutorial

When there is a tutorial available for the page you are on, you can access it under the Conductor help icon, or from the question mark on a page.

Location of the Help and Tutorial icon in the Conductor


  • People groups tutorial – To access the tutorial on people groups, go to the People page, select the People groups tab, and then click the question mark in the upper right to see the tutorials for the People groups tab:

    How to get to the tutorial for the people group tab

  • Create a new network tutorial – When creating a new overlay network, you can access the tutorial information by selecting the question mark icon in the lower left:

    How to get to the tutorial for creating a new overlay network

Stop a Tutorial

To stop a tutorial, just select the X in the upper right corner or select Done.