T-Mobile – Required Cellular Firmware Update for 110g

Quectel released guidance indicating T-Mobile IPv4 settings needed to be updated. This cellular firmware update applies the required changes per Quectel guidance.

Supported Versions
v2.2.0 and later 110g Airwall Gateways and Conductor
Supported Cellular Services
  • T-Mobile on 110g - Required.

Check if you need the update

  1. In the Conductor, go to Airwalls, and open the page for the Airwall Gateway 110g or Advantech ICR-32xx that you want to check.
  2. Open Diagnostics.
  3. Select Request a diagnostic report.

    Airwall Diagnostics tab

  4. Wait for it to build the report, and then download it.
  5. Open the report and search for Cellular Firmware package revision. Check that it shows 923f147.
If you are checking several Airwall Gateways, tag the ones that are not updated so you can easily search for them when applying the update.

Update your Cellular Firmware

  1. Check that your Conductor has the cellular firmware update, or download the "Hotfix for T-Mobile IPv4 settings Airwall Gateway 110 (filename is Airwall-110_cellfw-923f147-130_package) from Hotfixes or Cellular modem firmware.
  2. If you downloaded the file, in the Conductor, upload the cellular firmware packages:
    1. Go to Settings > General Settings.
    2. Under Firmware updates, select Upload firmware.
    3. Select Choose file, and select the firmware package you downloaded.
    4. Select Upload.
  3. Go to Airwalls, and select all of your 110g Airwall Gateways.
  4. Select Airwall actions > Install Hotfix.
  5. Under Update available, select cellfw-923f147 for each Airwall Gateway.
  6. Select Apply. The new firmware will be installed as each Airwall Gateway connects to the Conductor.
Note: You can also find the firmware update under Settings > Firmware updates and select Install.
Tip: After you’ve updated these Airwall Gateways, use Airwall actions > Edit tags and tag them (with something like “Ready for IPv4 T-Mobile update”) to indicate they’ve been updated.