Virtual Conductor -- Exchange a Conductor VM using scripts

Occasionally, you may want to swap out a Conductor. You can do this using scripts.

You add a new instance using CloudFormation and set it in place before you remove the existing Conductor.

With a full stack deployed (Conductor and Airwall Gateway), perform the following steps:

  1. Copy conductor.include to conductor.include.old
  2. Update the conductor.include file. Here are the parameters and what you must and can change:
    stackName=my-conductor.  <=== Mandatory: this must be changed
    netId=vpc-0638842e264e6f648                 <=== do not change
    netSubnetPublicId=subnet-0bd40e059bb241cb3. <=== do not change
    imageId=ami-0fcdcdb074d2bac5f                 <=== Can update
    instanceType=t2.medium.                       <=== Can update
    volumeType=io1                                <=== Can update
    volumeSize=8                                  <=== Can update
    iops=200                                      <=== Can update
    region=us-west-1.                          <=== Do not change
  3. Run
    There should be two Conductors in the VPC.
  4. Run
    ./ <original stack-name>
    There should now be only one Conductor.