Update Airwall Agents and Servers

How to update your Airwall Agent or Server by platform. For Windows, macOS, and Linux, download the latest version from Latest firmware and software.


Install the newest version of the Airwall Agent or Server on top of your previous version. The previous software is completely uninstalled and the latest software is installed in its place, with profiles retained.


Run the installer, and the existing software is replaced with the newest, with your profiles retained.


Install your DEB/RPM package on top of the existing package, and it is replaced with the newest, with your profiles retained.

Should you choose to uninstall first, your profiles are retained at /etc/tnw/. These profiles become available again after you reinstall the software.


Update from the Apple App Store. This is the only way to install or update the iOS Airwall Agent.


Update from the Google Play store. You can also request an APK file if you wish to sideload it, or if you intend to install it on an Android device that does not include Google Play services.

The Android Airwall Agent is not available on any third-party app stores.