Monitor User Onboarding Airwall Invitations and Activation Codes

Once you've sent out Airwall Invitations or started onboarding with Activation Codes, you can review which activations have been accepted, are still active, or have expired.
  1. In the Conductor, go to People.
  2. Filter the people list, if desired.
  3. In the People list, look at the plug icons at the end of the row. The plug icon indicates the person has been sent an activation codes or Airwall Invitation. Hover over the icon to see how many are active.:
    Icon What it means
    If the plug is black, the person has unused, non-expired activation codes or invites available.
    Grey plug icon If the plug is grey, the person has used all of their activation codes or invites, or they've all expired.
    No plug icon This person has not received an activation code or invite.
    Note: The clock icons are indicators of when a person last logged in. See Monitor and Manage Remote Sessions above for more details.