Monitor and Manage Remote Sessions

  1. In the Conductor, go to People.
  2. Filter the people list, if desired.
  3. In the People list, look at the clock icons at the end of the row. The clock icon shows by color the last time the person signed in, and you can hover over it to see the time and date they last signed in:
    Icon What it means
    Clock icon dark green In the last 24 hrs
    Clock icon light green In the last week
    Clock icon yellow More than a week ago
    Clock icon gray Never
    Note: If you see a plug icon, it is an indicator of the state of user onboarding. See Monitor User Onboarding below for more details.
You can also open up the page for a person, and see their connected devices under People groups on the right. Click to open up any connected Airwall Agent or Server (that you have permissions to see), and review or end a remote access session.
  • To review the remote access session, see the details in the Remote Access tile.
  • To end the remote access session, select End remote access session.
Note: The Remote Access tile only appears when there is an active remote session.

Remote Access session details