Mirrored Traffic Definitions

Port Mirroring
Making a copy of some/all traffic crossing a specific physical port (for example, a network interface) and delivering this copy elsewhere. Usually used in conjunction with a packet analyzer.
‘Switch Port Analyzer’ Cisco term for port mirroring.
An old way to mirror traffic – literally tap into network cable and connect to another network interface to receive a copy (wiretap).
Airwall Solution's internal process used to implement port mirroring.
Packet analysis / packet dissection
Parsing packets to extract analytics.
Packet brokers
Industry term for packet analysis tools and related tools to transport mirrored packet to analysis tools.
‘Generic Routing Encapsulation’ an IP protocol used for encapsulation.
Mirror Destination
The Airwall Gateway mirrored traffic is sent to, either to a dedicated Mirror Destination group or to a packet analyzer connected as a local device to the overlay side of the Mirror Destination Airwall Gateway.
Mirror Sources
Airwall Gateways mirroring traffic and sending it to the Mirror Destination Airwall Gateway.