More Mirrored Traffic Scenarios

Typical scenarios for securely mirroring traffic to a packet analyzer and how to configure them.

There are many ways you can set up mirrored traffic. These scenarios give you an idea of how you can configure it so you are mirroring the traffic you want, and that mirrored traffic stays encrypted until it reaches its destination.

Mirroring Traffic on Airwall Gateways

Mirroring network traffic not on Airwall Gateways

Configuration Options

You can set up your network to mirror traffic in many different ways. Most combinations of Mirror Destination and Sources are valid. Whichever way you choose, you will also need to do the following to ensure the security of mirrored traffic and make sure your port mirroring configuration is not negatively impacting performance on your network:

Options to connect your packet analyzer tool

You can connect your packet analyzer tool to your mirror destination in two ways:

Mirror Destination Options

Mirror Source Options

More Port Mirroring Possibilities

These diagrams show more supported ways to mirror traffic and connect a packet analyzer tool: Diagrams for Port Mirroring