Add a Person

Add a person and give them a role that determines what they can access on the Conductor and/or your Airwall secure network.

Note: If you are onboarding people using LDAP or a third-party authentication provider, people are imported as they log in. See Configure LDAP authentication on Conductor and Airwall Edge Services and Configure LDAP to manage user roles, or Integrate Third-party Authentication with OpenID Connect.
  1. Log in to the Conductor with a system administrator account and go to People.
  2. On the People tab, select New Person.
  3. Under Status, select whether to create this account as Active or Inactive. You can use this option to set up people's accounts prior to onboarding, or to deactivate a person's account as needed.
  4. Under User directory, usually you leave it at Local User List, providing authentication through the Conductor. See note above if you are using LDAP or a third-party authentication provider.
  5. Enter the person's information: Username and Email are required.
  6. Under Role, select the Conductor role for the person.
    For more information on:
  7. (Optional) If you give the person an administrator role, select their initial Alert email trigger level.
    Note: Administrator roles can log in and change their alert level.
  8. For password, you have two options:
    • User sets their own password – Select Send new user an email with a link to set their password to let the user set their own password.
    • Or, Set a password for the user – Select Set a password for the user to log in. You can either enter a password, or select Generate to generate a password and copy it to your clipboard.
    Note: If you choose to set the password, you need to provide the username and password you created to the person.
  9. Click Create person.
    Note: New accounts are active by default. A person can log in with the account after a few minutes. To create a user as inactive, or change their status to Inactive, under Status, select Inactive.
Once you've created the person's account, you can add them to People groups or Overlay networks.

People page showing you can add them to People groups or Overlay networks