Invalid Gateway IP Address message (v2.1.3 and earlier)

What to do if you get an "Invalid gateway IP" message.

If you try to set both the Protected Network's Gateway IP and configure DHCP for the local devices at the same time you will get the error: "Invalid Gateway IP address specified."

Affected versions
Conductor v2.1.3 or earlier


Update to a later version of the Conductor to eliminate this bug. Newer versions apply Local Device network settings first so that the DHCP settings can be validated.

  1. First set Local Device settings.
  2. Save those settings.
  3. Then set DHCP settings, and save again.


You cannot set DHCP without the Local Device network also being configured. When configuring them at the same time, the DHCP settings are rejected as the system still registers the Local Device network as unconfigured.