Is my Airwall Edge Service using the Airwall Relay?

How to tell if an Airwall Edge Service is using an Airwall Relay

There are two ways to check Airwall Relay connectivity:
  • Run Airwall Relay diagnostics
  • Analyze a Packet capture

Run Airwall Relay Diagnostics

While passing traffic over the HIP tunnel, check the Airwall Relay diagnostics on the page for the Airwall Relay.
  1. Make sure there is traffic passing through the Airwall Relay.
  2. On the page for the Airwall Relay, go to Diagnostics > Airwall Relay diagnostics.
  3. Under Active Connections, select Update data.
  4. The diagnostics show a table with traffic stats for Airwall Edge Services communicating over the Airwall Relay.

Analyze a Packet Capture

  1. Start an Underlay packet capture from an Airwall Gateway:
    1. On the Airwall page, go to the Diagnostics tab, and the Data capture subtab.
    2. Under Packet capture, click Start packet capture.
    3. Under Capture interface, select HIP, and then select OK.
  2. Run Secure Tunnel tests:
    1. On the Airwall page, go to the Diagnostics tab and Secure Tunnels subtab.
    2. Check Build new tunnels if none exist.
    3. Select Check Secure Tunnel.
  3. Review the packet capture
    1. Go back to the Data capture subtab, and click Stop packet capture. Wait while the Conductor processes the file.
    2. When the Conductor is finished, you will see a download link below the button. Download the PCAP file and review to see which Airwall Edge Services connected directly, vs. via the Airwall Relay.