The Conductor Dashboard

The Conductor Dashboard gives you a quick view into the health and state of your Airwall secure network, showing you activity and alerting across the entire network.

With the Dashboard, you can, depending on your permissions:

  • See the state of the overlay networks that make up your Airwall secure network.
  • See activity without needing management rights.
  • Manage Airwall Edge Services and troubleshoot connection issues.
  • Monitor the health of your network.
  • See at a glance changes within the system.

View network status

See the models and versions of Airwall Edge Services, and the overall system throughput for up to the last 24 hours.

The System stats are tiles that show at a glance how many Airwall Gateways and Airwall Agents and Servers are online, how many can be updated, and other useful information.

Click a stat tile to show more details in the Navigation pane below. For example, click Airwall agents online to see a list of the Airwall Agents and Servers that are online below.

Screenshot of the Conductor Dashboard

Pin pages and Recently Viewed lists for quick access

Under the menu bar, use the pin bar to pin up to 20 pages you visit frequently to quickly get back them. You can now add pinned pages to folders, using the folder icon. Click the arrow on the right to see and pin Recently viewed items, or drag them into a folder. On most pages, you can also click the pin icon pin icon to add the page to your pin bar. Click it again to remove the pin.

Note: To pin a device, open the device page, and then go to recently-viewed items to pin.

Conductor dashboard showing pinned items

Navigation – System

The System navigation screen shows Messages from admins and firmware updates from Tempered, as well as recent events, such as provisioning requests and firmware updates. You can also see or create messages for other Conductor or network admins.
  • To create a message, select the pencil icon. For more details, see Create or Manage Dashboard Messages.
  • Under Recent events, select View on items to jump right to the page, or select Manage to manage and name without leaving the dashboard.

Conductor Dashboard System control panel

Navigation – Airwalls

Here is what you can do on the Airwalls navigation page:
  • Select an Airwall Edge Service name to open it.
  • Click one of the Airwall System stats tiles to see the details.

    System Stats tiles

  • Filter which Airwall Edge Services you see:
    • In the Show all Airwalls box, select an Airwall status (such as offline or unmanaged) to view.
    • Type in the Filter box to filter on name or model, or other aspects of the Airwall Edge Services, like Tags.

Conductor Dashboard Airwalls control panel

Navigation – Overlays

Here is what you can do on the Overlays navigation page:
  • Select New to create a new Overlay. For more details, see Create an overlay network.
  • Type in the Filter box to filter by Name.
  • Select the drop-down menu to edit, tag, or disable the Overlay.
  • Select an Overlay name to open it.

Conductor Dashboard Overlays control panel

Navigation – Devices

Here's what you can do on the Devices navigation page:
  • Select a device to go to that device.
  • Click the Total Devices System stats tile to open the Devices navigation page.

    System Stats tiles

  • Filter which Devices you see:
    • Select the Sort by box to sort the devices.
    • Type in the Filter box to filter by Device name or Overlay IP, among other things.

Conductor Dashboard Devices control panel

Navigation – Provisioning

The Provisioning page gives you a quick way to see what Airwall Edge Services need to be managed and quickly handle these provisioning requests. You can:
  • Select one or more Airwall Edge Services and grant or deny the provisioning requests. Check next to the Airwall Edge Services, then from the Actions menu, select Grant request or Deny request.
  • Filter which Airwall Edge Services you see:
    • Sort the Airwall Edge Services by any column by clicking on the column .
    • Type in the Filter box to filter by Model or Identifier, or other things.

Conductor Dashboard Provisioning control panel