Installing an Airwall Agent or Server

To connect to anything that is protected by an Airwall secure network on your mobile phone or laptop, you need to install an Airwall Agent or Server.

If you have received an email or activation code, see Linking my Airwall Agent or Server to an Airwall secure network. If you need to install and configure manually, follow these instructions to connect to an Airwall secure network. Check the Operating system requirements for Airwall Agents and Servers to make sure your laptop or mobile device can run the software.

Install an Airwall Agent or Server

On the device you are using to connect, install the Airwall Agent or Server software. Here are the places you can find the software for your device:
  • Open the link in your Airwall invitation.
  • Go to the store for your device and search for Airwall.
  • Download and run the installation file for your device from Latest firmware and software.

If you need additional help installing the software for your platform, see the specific instructions for your device.

Once you have installed the software, you need to set it up so it can connect to the Airwall secure network. The administrator for the secure network may have sent you an Airwall Invitation or Activation code, or you may want to set up your Airwall Agent or Server manually, and request to connect to the secure network.

You can uninstall an Airwall Agent or Server using your device's normal uninstall process.