airctl Reference (pre-v3.0)

If you are using a Linux Airwall Server that is earlier than v3.0, here are the airctl commands available. You can see commands by typing airctl reference.

You use the airctl command line to see details on Linux or Raspberry Pi Airwall Agent or Server. On your Linux or Raspberry Pi device, open a terminal window, and type airctl or sudo airctl, followed by the desired command.

profile details <profile name> details=<profile-details>
Show all or some of the details of an Airwall Agent or Server profile. Instead of entering a profile name, you can get details on the currently-active profile by entering airctl profile details --active.
profile modify <profile name> [new_name=<string>] [conductor=<addr:port>] [network=<interface | auto>] [invitation=<invitation>] [log_level=<info | warn | error | debug | trace>] [sys=<sys-impl>] [activate] details=<profile-details>
Modify a profile. For example, to change the log level to debug for a profile named myprofile, you would enter: airctl profile modify myprofile log_level=debug.
profile activate <profile name> [sys=<sys-impl>] profile_name=<string>
Set the specified profile to the active one.
profile create <new profile name> [allow_rename=<boolean>] conductor=<addr:port> [network=<interface | auto>] [invitation=<invitation>] [sys=<sys-impl>] [activate] details=<profile-details> profile_name=<string>
Create a profile. You can specify the Conductor URL and port, interface to use, Invitation code, and name. Add activate to set the new profile as the active profile.
profile delete <profile name> <no additional result data>
profile rename <profile name> new_name=<string> profile_name=<string>
Rename a profile.
service start [sys=<sys-impl>] <no additional result data>
Start the Linux Airwall Server.
service stop [sys=<sys-impl>] <no additional result data>
Stop the Linux Airwall Server.
service restart [sys=<sys-impl>] [full] <no additional result data>
Restart the Linux Airwall Server.
service status running=<bool> conductor=<bool> tunnel=<bool>
Show status of your Linux Airwall Server.
list interfaces _interfaces=<_interfaces>
List network interfaces.
list profiles _profiles=<profile-list> current_dir=<string> current_name=<string> root_dir=<string>
List profiles.
list versions hipapp_version=<string> hipctl_version=<string>
Show the version of your Linux Airwall Server.
list log <profile name> [max_lines=<integer>] [log_level=<info | warn | error | debug | trace>] _log=<_log> profile_name=<string>
List log messages.
support reset <profile name> support reset=<string>
Reset a profile.
support bundle output=<string>
Create a support bundle.