Update Airwall Gateway firmware

You can update the firmware for a single Airwall Gateway from the Airwalls page.

  1. Go the Airwalls page.
  2. For the Airwall Edge Service you want to update, open the Actions menu and select Update Firmware.
  3. Select the version you want to install and then select Apply.

    Apply Firmware Updates dialog showing an update available

    Note: If you are updating a virtual Airwall Gateway, and receive a message that the disk space is too low, see Expand the Disk Size for a virtual Airwall Gateway.
  4. The installation process starts, and can take several minutes to complete.

    Airwalls page showing a firmware update in progress

    Note: The Update firmware option is only available if there is a current update available for that Airwall Gateway.

    Airwall edge services action menu with Update firmware

  5. After the Airwall Gateway reboots, go to the Airwalls page, and verify that the new firmware version is displayed in the Model column.