How to turn on full-tunnel configuration for Windows Airwall Agents and Servers (v2.2.2 and v2.2.1)

How to configure Windows Airwall Agents and Servers for full-tunnel.

Full Tunnel on v2.2.2 Airwall Agents

  1. Select an Airwall Gateway to be the gateway for ingress traffic for the Airwall Agent. (The Airwall Gateway you want to protect the device).
  2. Add a fake device to the Airwall Gateway on its Local devices page.

  3. Add the device, the Airwall Agents, and the destination device to an Overlay network.
  4. Whitelist “trust” the HIPclients to the device. All HIPclients on that Overlay will turn into full-tunnel mode.

  5. Turn on Source NAT on Gateway HIPswitch. Step (3) above is crucial, while the rest depends on what exactly you want to achieve.

Full Tunnel on v2.2.1 Airwall Servers

For an Airwall Server: is just a “flip of the switch” firewall switch in the Airwall Server Local Device tab.
  1. In the Conductor, open the page for the Airwall Server.
  2. Go to Local devices > Port filtering.
  3. Select Edit Settings.
  4. Toggle the Enable port filtering Slider to Enabled
  5. Select Update Settings.