Return a hardware appliance

What to expect if you need to return a hardware appliance.

If you have a hardware malfunction, before you return it, you may need to request approval for a replacement, called an RMA (Return Manufacturing Approval).

The following events are likely reasons to assume hardware problems:
  1. No Information/Status light or blink code.
  2. No link lights on any interface.
  3. Cannot enter Diagnostic mode.
  4. Do not get the login shell when you connect via the console port.


You can try a factory reset, or request troubleshooting help from Tempered Customer Success to try to resolve the issue. If those do not resolve the issue, you can request a replacement.

Factory Reset

Before you start a return, try a factory reset and see if that resolves the issue:
  1. Factory Reset an Airwall Gateway.
  2. Remove the Airwall Gateway entirely from Conductor, and then re-provision it.

Request Troubleshooting help from Tempered Customer Success

Tempered Customer Success needs to know what behavior you're observing to determine if there is an explanation for the issue you're seeing that can be resolved without replacing the hardware, or if the hardware needs to be replaced.
  1. Send the following to Customer Success:
    • Status on information/status lights, diagnostic mode, and console access (if applicable).
    • A Support bundle from your Conductor, as well as from the affected device (if possible - older bundles work if you have one on file).
    • A complete description of the problem you are experiencing.
  2. Tempered support will analyze the support bundle and the information you send and help you troubleshoot.

Request to Return and Replace the hardware

When you are troubleshooting the issue, Tempered Customer Success may let you know they've determined a replacement is necessary. Send the following information to Customer Success so they can send your replacement hardware:
  • Serial Number printed on the sticker of the device.
  • A name and address to send your replacement.

When your replacement unit arrives, use the provided shipping label to return your existing equipment in the same box.