Multiple-spoke HIPswitch Deployment Tunnel Issues

Hotfix available for tunnel issues in multiple-spoke (over 16) Hub-and-Spoke deployments.

Affected platforms:
HS-150 HS-250 HS-300 HS-400 HS-500
Affected product versions:

This affects physical, virtual, and cloud Airwall Gateways.

Issue – There is a bug in the HIP tunnel update that can be triggered when you are using Autoconnect and more than 16 spokes on a Hub-and-Spoke deployment. The symptom of this bug is the short-term drop of a HIP tunnel (from 2-3 minutes). This affects a random tunnel or tunnels once every hour.

Solution - Upgrade to 2.2.2, and then download hotfix HF-12219 and apply it to the hub Airwall Gateway of your network.

Download -