Platform end-of-life for HIPswitch 300 series

Tempered announces the End of Life schedule for HIPswitch 300 series platforms.

End of life schedule for the 300 series

Date Milestone Definition
01/01/2019 End of Sale Last date on which the platform may be purchased
11/13/2019 Last supported Software version The 300 series support software versions up to v2.1.7. Attempts to install v2.1.8 or later will fail.
01/01/2020 Last Full Term MSMU Renewal Last date a MSMU contract may be renewed for a full 12 month term. MSMU contracts apply only to the 300 appliance products with perpetual software licenses. Contracts renewed after this date are required to end no later than 01/01/2020.
01/01/2021 Platform End of Life The date on which the platform is no longer supported by Tempered.