2.2.12 firmware and software

Please follow the links below to download the 2.2.12 firmware and software. For release notes, see Release Notes 2.2.12.
Note: This release may not have firmware and software for all platforms. See the latest version for each platform available at Latest firmware and software.
Note: Also review Hotfixes for any hotfix releases.

Conductor firmware

Conductor Version Download
Conductor - All Platforms v2.2.12 Conductor_r2.2.12-1506_package

Airwall Gateway firmware

Airwall Gateway Model Version Download
75 (mvebu64) v2.2.12 Airwall-mvebu64_r2.2.12-1143_package
100g and 100e (ramips) v2.2.12 Airwall-ramips_r2.2.12-1218_package
110, 150, and 250 (mvebu) v2.2.12 Airwall-mvebu_r2.2.12-1272_package
100rc, 300v, 400, and 500 (x86_64 ) v2.2.12 Airwall-x86_64_r2.2.12-1482_package
ESXi (x86_64 OVA) v2.2.12 Airwall-x86_64_r2.2.12-1482-combined-ext4.ova
Hyper-V (x86_64 Hyper-V image) v2.2.12 Airwall-x86_64_r2.2.12-1482-combined-ext4.vhdx

Airwall Agent and Airwall Server Software

For the latest iOS and Android Airwall Agents, search for "Airwall Agent" in the store for your device.

Note: For Airwall Agents that are not part of this release, see the latest version available at Latest firmware and software.
Laptop or Mobile Device Version Download
Airwall Agents
macOS, OSX v2.2.12 Airwall-Mac_2.2.12.1977.pkg
Windows 64-bit PC v2.2.12 InstallerAirwallAgent64-bit_2.2.12.353_Installer.exe

Express InstallerAirwallAgent64-bit_2.2.12.353_ExpressInstaller.exe

Unattended InstallerAirwallAgent64-bit_UnattendedInstaller_2.2.12.353.msi

Airwall Servers
Windows 64-bit Server v2.2.12 InstallerAirwallServer64-bit_2.2.12.353_Installer.exe

Express InstallerAirwallServer64-bit_2.2.12.353_ExpressInstaller.exe

Unattended InstallerAirwallServer64-bit_UnattendedInstaller_2.2.12.353.msi