Cellular modem firmware

Firmware updated May 19, 2022

Please follow the links below to download firmware:

Cellular Modem Firmware Updates

Airwall Gateway Model Download
110g – Hotfix for T-Mobile IPv4 settings Airwall-110_cellfw-923f147-130_package
110 – See note Airwall-110_cellfw-2e8314c-129_package
110 – Hotfix for AT&T and T-Mobile 3G Sunset Airwall-110_cellfw-4c5753a-125_package
Advantech – See note Airwall-112_cellfw-2e8314c-129_package
Advantech – Hotfix for AT&T 3G Sunset Airwall-112_cellfw-4c5753a-125_package
150 – See note Airwall-150_cellfw-2e8314c-129_package
250 – See note Airwall-250_cellfw-2e8314c-129_package
Note: Contains an updated map of Mobile County Code and Mobile Network Code values, most notably a change of some codes that formerly identified T-Mobile that now identify AT&T.