2.2.5 firmware and software

Please follow the links below to download the 2.2.5 firmware and software. For release notes, see Release Notes 2.2.5:

Conductor firmware

Link Applies To File Name
Download Conductor - All Platforms Conductor_r2.2.5-907_package

Airwall firmware

Link Applies To File Name
Download Airwall mvebu64 (All 75-series ) Airwall-mvebu64_r2.2.5-630_package
Download Airwall ramips (100g and 100e Airwall Gateways) Airwall-ramips_r2.2.5-711_package
Download Airwall mvebu (All 150-series and 250-series Airwall Gateways) Airwall-mvebu_r2.2.5-731_package
Download Airwall x86_64 (100rc, virtual 300-series, 400-series, and 500-series Airwall Gateways) Airwall-x86_64_r2.2.5-890_package
Download Airwall x86_64 OVA (ESXi) Airwall-x86_64_r2.2.5-890-combined-ext4.ova