3.1.2 firmware and software

Follow the links below to download the v3.1.2 firmware and software. This release contains new firmware for Airwall Conductors and Airwall Gateways. For release notes, see Release Notes v3.1.2.
Note: Also review Hotfixes for any hotfix releases.

Conductor firmware

Conductor Version Download
Conductor - Physical, Cloud, or Virtual v3.1.2 Conductor_r3.1.2-2063_package

Airwall Gateway firmware

Model Version Download
75 (mvebu64) v3.1.2 Airwall-mvebu64_r3.1.2-1644_package
110, 150, and 250 (mvebu) v3.1.2 Airwall-mvebu_r3.1.2-1777_package
300v, 400, and 500 (x86_64) v3.1.2 Airwall-x86_64_r3.1.2-2020_package
ESXi virtual (x86_64 OVA) v3.1.2 Airwall-x86_64_r3.1.2-2020-combined-ext4.ova