Airwall Edge Service Statuses

Information on the statuses you might see for an Airwall Edge Service. Some of these statuses are not available in v2.2.8 and earlier.

Airwall Agent authentication
The person using this Airwall Agent to connect is required to use authentication.
Airwall Relay
This Airwall is running as an Airwall Relay.
Policy configuration is disabled.
Disabled by group
The Airwall group has communication turned off.
Policy configuration is enabled.
ha primary
High-availability active (primary) Airwall Gateway
ha secondary
High-availability standby (secondary) Airwall Gateway
Locked out
User authentication has been locked out due to too many authentication attempts.
This Airwall has been revoked.
Airwall Gateway is in transparent mode.
Airwall has connected to the Conductor but is not managed yet. You must provision and manage before you can add it to overlays.