See Airwall Edge Service Information and Status

Supported Versions
2.2.8 and later
There are several ways to see information and status on the Airwall Edge Services connecting to your Airwall secure network.

All of the information and status for an Airwall Edge Service is shown when you select one to display its page. Some of that information is also available on the Dashboard and Airwalls page listings.

The following sections cover where to find some of the most commonly-needed information.

Airwall Status, Model, and Firmware

The Status column and field display information such as whether the Airwall Edge Service is Enabled (provisioned and managed), Unmanaged, or Revoked, and the progress of firmware updates.

Airwall Status column showing a firmware update in progress

Note: Expanded status messages are available in Conductor v2.2.10 and later.

The Model column and Model and Firmware on an Airwall Edge Service page shows what kind of Airwall Edge Service it is and what version of the firmware it is currently running.

Most of the statuses are self-explanatory. For details, see Airwall Edge Service Statuses.

Where to See Status and Information

The following sections show different ways you can see status for one or multiple Airwall Edge Services.

On the Dashboard

The Conductor Dashboard has several ways to see what Airwall Edge Services are connecting, and what their status is.

  • The Airwall Donut Graph – On both the Airwall models and Airwall versions graphs, click on a donut section to see what Airwalls are that model or have that version installed in the Navigation Airwall edge services section.

    Dashboard showing Airwall 110-g selected on the donut graph, and Airwall 110-g list below

  • System stats – Click on any stats tile to see more details Navigation Airwall edge services section.

    Dashboard showing "Airwalls that can be updated" tile and list of Airwall edge services below

On an Airwall Edge Service page

Open an Airwall Edge Service to see more detailed status and information.

The page for an Airwall edge service showing more detailed information and status

Depending on what type of Airwall Edge Service you're looking at, you may have additional tabs on this page. For example, for Airwall Gateways, the tabs are:

  • Airwall gateway – General information about the Airwall Gateway
  • Local devices – Lists the devices protected by the Airwall Gateway.
  • Ports – Port configuration, failover settings, and port mirroring configuration for the Airwall Gateway.
  • Diagnostics – Diagnostic tools and reports for the Airwall Gateway.
  • Reporting – Graphs, Health data, and Traffic and HIP tunnel stats for the Airwall Gateway.
  • Intrusion prevention – Settings to help monitor and alert about intrusions into your network. These monitors can impact Conductor performance.
  • HA – Where you set up high-availability Airwall Gateways. For more information, see Airwall Edge Service High Availability (HA).
  • Airshell – Gives you the ability to send Airshell commands to the Airwall Gateway remotely from the Airwall Conductor. For more information, see Run Airshell remotely from the Conductor.