Disconnected Mode – Reduce Conductor traffic from Airwall Agents and Servers

Reduce the traffic from Airwall Agents and Servers connecting to your Conductor by setting up disconnected mode. In disconnected mode, Airwall Agents and Servers connect to your Conductor at intervals – between 10 minutes and 12 hours (720 minutes) – to get updates when people are not actively using the connection.

By reducing the traffic on your Conductor, disconnected mode allows you to improve performance and scalability of your Airwall secure network.
Note: People using Airwall Agents and Servers can manually sync to the Conductor when in Disconnected mode.
  1. Open the page for the Airwall Agent or Server that you want to enable disconnected mode for.
  2. Select Edit Settings.
  3. Under Advanced settings, scroll down to the bottom and check Enable disconnected mode.
  4. Enter the time interval for the Airwall Agent or Server to reconnect to the Conductor.
  5. Select Update Settings.
The Airwall Agent or Server you set disconnected mode on now disconnects from the Conductor, and reconnects at the specified interval to get configuration and trust policy updates. While in disconnected mode, the Airwall Agents and Servers show in the Conductor as not connected, and if you hover over the online status, they show they are in Disconnected mode and when their next connection is scheduled.
Note: In Disconnected mode, an Airwall Agent or Server:
  • Can still connect to resources on your Airwall secure network.
  • Gets policy and firmware updates the next time they connect.
  • Do not publish underlay IP updates or status (health data, traffic stats, port status).
Note: Certain changes (such as underlay IP changes) can cause a disconnected Airwall Agent or Server to not be able to reach resources on your Airwall secure network. If this happens, the person using the Airwall Agent or Server can get the changes and reestablish their connection by either selecting Sync Now on their Airwall Agent or using the conductor sync Airshell command on their Airwall Server. For more information on Airshell for the Linux Airwall Server, see Syncing an Airwall Agent or Server in disconnected mode.