Configuring port group devices

  • Conductor v3.4.2 and later
  • Gateway v3.4.2 and later

Port group overlay IP and network devices are a new special device type that you can add to Airwall Gateways to more easily configure east-west policy between overlay port groups. Use these port group devices to deploy an Airwall Gateway into an environment without the need to log into the Conductor to configure specific details. Port group devices allow your configuration to update automatically when your DHCP-assigned IP address changes. You can also use port group devices in conjunction with two other new features: local overlay networks and configuring overlay port groups to optain an IP address using DHCP. See Adding trust between devices in the local overlay network and Set up Overlay Port Groups.

There are two types of port group devices:
  • Port group IP device: this device is automatically assigned the IP of the overlay port group
  • Port group network device: this device is automatically assigned the CIDR of the overlay port group network

To configure a port group device, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to Airwalls, select an Airwall Gateway, and click Local Devices.
  2. Click Add device.
  3. In the Device type dropdown, select Port group IP device or Port group network device.
  4. In the Port affinity dropdown, select an overlay port group.
    Note: You cannot use automatic detection.
  5. Click Create.