Configure Device Trust

Configure device trust to set up secure communication between devices in your Airwall secure network.

To add trust between devices, you create or edit an Overlay network, and add the Airwall Edge Services that protect the devices you want to connect.

From Overlays, create or select the Overlay network for which you want to add trust.

You can see and add trust visually, or using the list of Devices.

Note: The default Devices tab list view does not show device trust relationships until you select a specific device or group. If trust has been configured for the selected device or group, your selected device or group is highlighted in blue, and the devices and groups it trusts are highlighted in a lighter blue.
In Advanced view:
  • The Visualization tab shows trust relationships and allows you to add and remove trust visually.
  • The Devices tab shows the list of devices and device groups in the Overlay, and allows you to add and remove trust.