Adding trust between devices in the local overlay network


  • Airwall Conductor: 3.4.2 or later
Airwall Gateways now have a local overlay network to simplify the management of east-west policy between local devices. You can use the local overlay network in conjunction with two other new features: port group devices and the overlay port group DHCP option. See Configuring port group devices and Set up Overlay Port Groups. To add trust between devices on an Airwall Gateway's local overlay network, complete the following steps:
  1. In the Conductor, go to the Airwall page and select the relevant Airwall Gateway.
  2. Click Local Devices > Local Overlay.
  3. To add devices, click the Add icon, select the local devices from the automatically-populated list, and click Add devices.
    • You can only add local devices to the local overlay network.
    • You cannot add device groups to the local overlay network.
  4. Select Edit trust in the visualization window.
  5. Click a device and drag a line to another device to add trust between them.
    Local overlay network