Deployment Roadmap

A roadmap to the most helpful topics for getting the Airwall Solution up and running on your network.

Deploy and Configure your Conductor

If you run into issues, see Diagnostics and Troubleshooting or Submit a support request.

Deploy a Conductor

The Conductor is what you use to orchestrate your zero-trust network, including the resources you are protecting and who can access them.

Log in and Configure the Conductor

Add Airwall Edge Service Licenses

Add Airwall Edge Service Licenses to the Conductor

License a Conductor and Airwall Edge Services

Deploy and Configure Airwall Gateways

Connect People’s Devices to yourAirwall secure network

For people to connect to your Airwall secure network and access resources, they need to install the Airwall Agent or Server software for their device and you’ll need to grant them access. The easiest way to do that is with Airwall Invitations.

Invite People to Join your Airwall secure network

Here are two ways to use Airwall Invitations to invite people and grant them access

Manually Add People’s devices

You can also have users install and connect manually. They first install the Airwall Agent or Server on the computer or mobile device they are going to use to connect, and then request to connect to your network. An Airwall secure network administrator then grants these devices access, manages them, and then adds them to the overlays and sets up trust policy.

Install Airwall Agents and Servers

Point the people who you want to connect to these topics to install an Airwall Agent or Server:

Connect Airwall Agents and Servers to your Airwall secure network

Then point the people who have installed an Airwall Agent or Server to these topics to connect to your Conductor:

Grant Access and Set Trust Policy for People's Devices

You can then grant the requests and set what resources the people connecting to your Airwall secure network can access.

Show or Hide Conductor Setup progress bar

You can show or hide the Conductor Setup progress bar on the Dashboard in your user preferences.

  1. Log in to the Conductor with your existing password.
  2. Select the profile icon profile icon, and then select Preferences.
  3. Scroll down to Show progress on dashboard, and toggle it on or off.
For more information on the Conductor tutorials, see Get Started using Conductor Help and Tutorials.