Search for or Sort Devices by MAC Address OUI (Manufacturer) Name

You can search for devices by the MAC address OUI identifying the manufacturer name for asset management.

Note: If you are not seeing some manufacturers, you may need to Update the MAC address (OUI) (Manufacturer) List.

To search by manufacturer name

There are two ways to search by manufacturer name:
  • In the ConductorSearch box at the top right, enter a manufacturer name. Select from the list of matching devices that appears to open that device page.
  • On the Devices page, in the Filter box, enter a manufacturer name. The Devices list is filtered to devices from that manufacturer.
    Note: Search finds the manufacturer's name in any field, so if the manufacturer name appears in other areas, they will be included.

To sort by manufacturer name

On the Devices page, in the Devices list, click on the OUI column header to sort the list by manufacturer.