Event Monitors and Alerts Reference

Descriptions of the Event Monitors and Alerts you can set in the Conductor.

See Also: Create an Event Monitor and See and Manage Alerts.


Monitorable objects:
System objects that can be monitored by a particular monitor. For example, an Airwall, Airwall group, device, device group, or Visibility (in beta) source.
Event types:
The reasons why a monitor is triggered. The “monitor triggered” event type matches for any reason the monitor was triggered. The “monitor resumed” event type only applies to some monitors. It matches when a monitor has left the state which caused it to trigger. For example, a device’s ping stopped responding, but then it started again.
Templated values:
Data results from a monitored event that can be used in the HTTP call monitor action.You can use these values when integrating monitors with external services. For example, you may want to make an HTTP call that integrates a health data monitor looking at CPU temperature for Airwall Gateways placed in the field. When the temperature exceeds the threshold, it can integrate with an external service to tell a technician which Airwall Gateway exceeded the threshold and what the temperature was. Available templated values are different for each monitor. The monitored_object.* templated value indicates that any field in the API response for that monitored object (be it Airwall or device) can be inserted into the template.