See and Manage Alerts

You can see and manage the alerts for overlays you have permission to see at Visibility>Alert notifications.

The Alert notifications tab shows both the default alerts from the Conductor, as well as the alerts set as actions for triggers on the Event monitors and actions.
You can choose to view alerts, or acknowledge, delete, or both acknowledge and delete alerts.
  • Acknowledge - When you acknowledge an alert, you acknowledge it for everyone who received that alert. You can add a comment if desired. Other administrators will see the alert has been acknowledged.
  • Delete - When you delete an alert, you are only deleting for yourself. Other administrators will still see the alert.
  • Acknowledge and Delete - Do both.
To set which alerts send you emails, see Set your Email Alert Level.

Manage Alerts from the Visibility page

  1. Click the Alerts icon to open the Alerts notifications tab with a list of alerts.
  2. Check the box next to one or more alerts, then at the top of the table, select Alert actions, and select how to handle the alert.
    Best Practice:
    • Acknowledge alerts to indicate that you have checked out the alert and done what is needed to handle it, so other administrators know they do not need to.
    • Delete alerts that are not ones you need to handle, or that you no longer need to see.
  3. Alternately, you can select the drop down on any alert to view or manage the alert.

Manage Alerts from the Dashboard

  1. On the Conductor Dashboard, you can see alerts under Notifications on the right sidebar under the Conductor health section.
    Notifications on the Dashboard
  2. You can select View or Acknowledge to manage the alert from the Dashboard.