Set your Email Alert Level

Typically, you change your alert level temporarily for support, or to get more insight into what may be happening on your network for troubleshooting. This setting controls the level (and therefore number) of alerts that trigger an email to you when it occurs. If you're a Conductor system administrator, you can also set the level for other Conductor admins.

The default level is None.

In your Conductor profile, you can choose what level of alert triggers an email being sent to you. You can also set the email address and subject prefix for the email.

  1. Open the Profile menu Profile icon in the upper right, and select Preferences, or go to the People page and select yourself, or, if you have permissions, select an existing person or Add a Person
  2. Select Edit Settings.
  3. Under Alert email trigger level, select the alert level to receive email notifications for: Info (everything), Warning (Warnings and errors), or Error (Errors only).
  4. Select Update Settings