Create an Event Monitor

Create event monitors to help you manage and maintain the health of your Airwall secure network.

Best Practice: Set up Event Monitors to alert when an Airwall Edge Service goes offline.
Some types, models, and versions of Airwall Edge Services do not support all of the monitors. For example, Airwall Agents and Servers do not support remote monitors (ones that run on the Airwall Edge Service), but do support monitors that run on the Conductor.
Note: If you select a group to monitor that contains Airwall Edge Services that do not support the monitor, the monitor ignores the ones that do not support it, but will still trigger for the ones that do.
  1. Go to Visibility > Event monitors and actions.
  2. Select New event monitor.
  3. Select a Monitor type:
    • Airwall online/offline
    • Airwall reboot (Remote)
    • Device discovered
    • Health data
    • HIP tunnel (Remote)
    • HTTP GET (Remote)
    • Intrusion prevention (Remote)
    • Link failover (Remote)
    • Ping devices (Remote)
    • Ping IP
    • Traffic stats
    • Viz device attribute
    • Viz event
  4. Fill in the options for that type of event monitor, and then click Create.
  5. On the Actions page, add actions that you'd like to happen for this monitor.
    Best Practice: To make sure you are notified about an event, at a minimum, create an Alert Action for the monitor and under Admins to receive this alert, add a people group for the Admins who should see the alert.
  6. After adding each action, select Create to add it to the Action list.
  7. When you're done adding actions, select Finish.
For information on permissions and alerts, see Set who sees Event Monitors.