Search by Expression with the Conductor Query Language

Supported versions
Search by expression is supported in v3.1.0 and later Conductors
  1. Select the gear icon Gear icon to select search by expression.
  2. Click in the Filter box to see available query options and logical operators for the page you're on.

    This help includes query options and states that you can search on under Completions, and logical operators under Logic. As you type, it filters on your entry to assist you in finding the syntax you’re looking for.

    Conductor query language help
    Note: If the expression is not supported, the gear icon turns red to assist you in correcting the syntax. Search icons turn red when the expression isn't supported
  3. Add query options and logic operators to your query by selecting them from the drop down help, or type them into the Filter box. The query filters your results in real time as you enter expressions.
    Note: Enclose literal values in your queries in either double or single quotes. The usual Javascript escape rules apply. For example, use “\”” to match an inner double quote.

    For descriptions of the query options for the page you’re on, see:

  4. Save a query – You can also save queries and select them under Saved queries to search again. To save your query, enter a query and then scroll down in the drop down menu to Saved queries, and select Save.
    Saving queries in the drop down help


This query searches for Airwall Gateways that are cloud Airwall Gateways named “hello there”, or for any Airwall Gateways that are running version 3.1.0.

(isCloud and name == 'hello there') or version == '3.1.0'