People Query Options

Query options for the People page if you select to Search by Expression with the Conductor Query Language. Options include fields to search in and states that a person can be in.

Query option Searches in this field Example

Person is authenticating through the given provider. Can be one of:





Finds people who are authenticating through a third-party provider.

description Search people's description.
email Search people's email
email ~ ‘’

Searches for people with a email address.

ip Search by IP address
name Search by name

Search the list of permissions that a person has in the Conductor. Can be any number of:

  • permissions – Person has permissions to edit permissions.
  • system_config – Person has permissions to edit system configuration.
  • cloud – Person has permissions to instantiate cloud Airwalls.
  • firmware_conductor – Person has permissions to update Conductor firmware.
  • edit_unassociated_airwalls – Person has permissions to provision and manage Airwalls that are not in an overlay.
  • revoke_airwalls – Person has permissions to revoke and delete or re-activate Airwalls.
  • provision_airwalls – Person has permissions to provision and manage Airwalls
  • advanced_view – Person has permissions to see the Advanced view in the Conductor.
  • bypass_destinations – Person has permissions to view and edit bypass destinations.
  • airwall_groups_relay – Person has permissions to view and edit Airwall groups and relay rules.
  • send_invites – Person has permissions to send Airwall Invitations.
permissionNames ~ 'system_config'

Finds all people with permissions to edit the system configuration.

phone Either phone field

Tags (limited to tags that you have permission to see).

username Username in the Conductor

Query state Description Example
hasApiAccess Person has access to the Conductor API
isActive Person is active
isInactive Person is not active
isNetworkAdmin Person is a network administrator in the Conductor
isReadonlyAdmin Person is a read-only administrator in the Conductor
isSystemAdmin Person is a system administrator in the Conductor

Finds people who are not system administrators.

isRemote Person is a remote user in the Conductor